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Thames River Physiotherapy Response to COVID-19

Due to the recent global health pandemic in which we find ourselves, Thames River Physiotherapy team recognises that many clients will be reticent to attend face to face treatment sessions at our clinics.

We are therefore happy to offer video-based treatment to clients at this point in time. This is to make sure that you can get care and treatment without getting exposed to COVID-19.

What is Virtual Online Physiotherapy?

Thames River Physiotherapy's virtual online physiotherapy service will put you in contact with one of our specialist physiotherapists via a video call.

Our team of physiotherapists will provide you the best evidence based guidance, individualised to your abilities, needs and pain levels. Together we will help you progress your rehabilitation goals.

How Do I Book a Virtual Online Session?

Please book a virtual online session by emailing or calling 020 7240 3020. Please specify that you would like your appointment to be a virtual online session.

30 minute and 1 hour video sessions are available at 50% of our regular physiotherapy rates. You will receive instructions for the video call service along with the confirmation of your appointment time.

Am I Covered by Medical Insurance?

Insurance companies have varied policies with respect to virtual online treatment. Please ensure that you check with your insurance company as well as with the clinic. You will be charged for any costs not covered by your insurance policy.