Diet and Nutrition

David Csanyi PT

With over 15 years of expertise and many successful clients’ results David  is here for helping you achieve your goals!

Why is the diet so important even for a regular people?

Everything based on your diet!

If you want to keep your health!


Do you want to improves general health?


Would you like to physical performance?


and list can be long with questions but many times the answer is same! DIET!

Nowdays in the fast pace working environment and lifestyle it is hard to manage to go to see a professional in person as you have many things to do in your daily life.

When you need change in your diet, you need to give an update about your progression and going to see a professional in person, you have questions but dont have time to travel and fit it in your time schedule.

We designed a solution for these problems.

Online coaching is designed for those who want to improve their health, to get in shape, to improve physical performance but they are short of the time.

Our program includes two personal consultations a month where we can go through your progression and talk about your questions. But you don’t need to travel weekly or daily to get the support as the rest of the part of this program runs online.

Whats included?

Weekly 2 check ins

24/7 online support

Weekly adjustment if it needed

Flexible diet approaching with food preferences

Monthly 2 personal follow ups

All this for only   £75 per consultation ( 2 consultation a month) which is usually £150 per consultation.

This will include –

2 x online check ins

Cardio program included

Diet plan included

Full online access

Also a special offer of  3 sessions of personal training session with David for only £100 when you buy diet plan.

How successful is this program?

Here is some testimonials

“I am so amazed and happy with my PT David Csanyl and what he has helped me to achieve so far.

I started on 19/8/19, I felt fat, in pain, out if breath, exhausted and always eating out. I have recovered from 2 broken arms, hand and other ailments. I thought I couldn’t exercise and do certain weights because of this. But David has proved me wrong.

David changed my diet and by the 2nd week I thought I was going to have a breakdown as I wasn’t used to eating healthy and regularly.

I would have massive gaps inbetween my eating and then eat a pack or 6 of crisps and whatever else I could pick up in the shops.

I thought I was eating healthy but David showed me how to eat healthy and clean.

He has supported me every step of the way. Even when I wanted to give up and felt so low because I was craving crisps, popcorn and all my old treats. David gave me alternatives. My taste buds have changed and I enjoy my new food plan.

David also guides you through the work out plan and takes no prisoners. So if you don’t do the technique right he will make you do it again. He will push you even when you think you cant do it or it is impossible. He is strict and isn’t interested in any excuses. I have to check in 3 times a week, giving an account of my week, diet, training and pictures and train everyday. If I send in late then he will have a word with you.

This tough approach has paid off. Never in a million years did I think I could ride a bike for 50 minutes and not be exhausted. My energy levels and strength are phenomenal.

I have now lost over a stone to date 30/9/19. That’s 6 weeks. I feel and look amazing. It’s so incredible what our bodies can do adapt to when you have the right trainer.

David works on and motivates your body, mind and eating habits." – Diahanna

“Two month ago I never thought I could have made it. But thanks to hard work, dedication and a huge help from the right person I have achieved a massive goal. Lost 11 kg in 8weeks. Nice and toned, ready for the beach.

Thank you so much David, I couldn’t have done it without you. Your knowledge and dedication to your job is an inspiration. You are the best. Thank you so much. D. 🤗" – Daniele

“I can’t recommend David highly enough, he has dedicated his life to health and fitness and is a true professional with a huge amount of knowledge.

I started training with him 8 weeks ago and he has transformed my body shape .

He’s supported me with my diet and training plan and has regular checkin’s to keep me focused.

I’ve lost 10kg and can’t thank him enough.

If your thinking about making some changes in your life , for your health/fitness and well-being you need David ." – Andrew .

‘David is an incredible trainer. He supports you inside and outside the gym with fitness and diet advice. He helps you identify the exercises and diet that is right for you. I recommend him to anybody with fitness ambitions!’ – Tom

“Thank you very much, really appreciated!

My feedback is that it was hard for me at the beginning, as i needed to change my mindset, but once i realised that  i needed to be consistent and there is no magic pill, i got very seroius and thank you for your support for those weeks! Its not easy for sure! Now im feeling very proud as i was able to loose 8 kg! I never taugh i will be able to achieve that! People see i lost weight! So thank you again!

One thing for sure after hard work, i will never let myself down again!" – Nahomie

“David Csanyi is not a trainer for the timid or unsure. If you truly want to reach your untapped potential, be fitter, stronger and more confident, he will show you the way-with certainty, kindness, strength and inspiration. " – Thomas

“When I was looking for David, I was rather insecure about my body, and anything that could be taken away, but He encouraged me and always helped me when I was hesitant.I follow a diet, what David wrote, this is helped me a lot to start my goal. It was hard because I love chocolate, but I have to be stronger, to get healthier. The workouts were very tough, but the more successful, and I think all the drops of sweat dropped worth the suffering. As a man, you are very helpful, your soul, kind, and you really understand your profession. I’m sorry I can’t go even train with you,but if I can, I will definitely come and I don’t hesitate to work together again. Thank you David." – Szandra