Conditions We Treat

Back pain
In 2013/14 prevalence of back disorders in England was estimated approximately 200000 by HSE which does not include Scotland and Wales.
Sports Injuries
It's true that most of us who are not professional athletes, do sports to keep fit and healthy but then we end up in having more injuries.
Whiplash Injuries
Most of us think whiplash is associated with road traffic accidents but in reality you can get whiplash injuries also while playing sports.
Shoulder Injuries
Shoulder joint is most complex joint and is most vulnerable due to its flexibility however it is well supported by the mesh of rotator cuff muscles...
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
RSI is work related disorder which caused due to mechanical compression and friction of the structures like tendons and nerves due to the overuse.
Broken Collarbone
ClaviBrace® offers a pain relieving, safe treatmentfor all severity of broken collarbone (clavicle).