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Our Services

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is one of our most important tool which is a specialist hands on technique which includes mobilization and manipulation, and soft tissue therapy.

Mobilization of vertebrae is repetitive movement of a stiff articulating joint whereas manipulation is "high velocity low amplitude thrust technique" with a pop sound due to the air escaping out of the joint cavity is formed during the cavitation. We use evidence based manual therapy technique including Maitlands technique, Mulligans approach and Cyriax technique. Our physiotherapists are experienced in performing one or more of the above approaches carefully with minimal patient discomfort. Our physiotherapists do thorough assessment to identify the problem and rule out underlying pathology before performing any of the above techniques. Manual therapy techniques are used to diagnose the condition, helps in pain modulation, improve range of movement, restore function and accelerate recovery. Manual therapy has been found very effective in treating conditions like low back pain, whiplash associated disorders, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, knee injuries and Frozen shoulders.

Soft tissue techniques include massage, specialised stretching techniques called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and muscle energy technique. The common massage techniques used by our therapists are trigger point release, Myofascial release, Deep transverse friction massage, and sports massage. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is a technique where the antagonist muscle contraction facilitate the agonist muscle stretch. Muscle energy technique is a specialised manual therapy technique otherwise called myotactic activation where the musculoskeletal dysfunction is corrected by the the force produced by muscle contraction. Our physiotherapists are trained and experienced in one or more of the above techniques to meet your needs.


Pilates was developed by a German scientist Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. He combined various exercises like yoga, gymnastics and martial arts to connect mind with the body. It has eight main elements which are concentration, Centering, control, breathing, precision, flow, isolation and routine. The aim of exercise is to engage core stability muscles with good breathing technique to control various précised body movements. The central core in Pilates is formed by Transverse Abdominus muscle, Multifidus, Diaphragm and pelvic floor muscle which is engaged by a technique of abdominal hollowing. The above muscles works as spine stabilizers which help in curing or preventing spine related mechanical dysfunction. Over the years various Pilates techniques have been developed to suit the client needs. All our Pilates trainers are trained by Australian physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. APPI modified Pilates is designed for clinical setting and is evidence based unlike other traditional Pilates techniques. APPI has developed the original 34 mat exercises to integrate with latest research. Our modified pilates technique is suitable for all age, gender and fitness levels. Pilates helps in treating back pain, sports injuries, ante-natal and post natal conditions, neurological conditions and postural dysfunctions. Our Pilates instructors do a thorough assessment to identify the dysfunction and customize an individualized exercise routine. We run group classes which are limited to maximum 4 or 5 clients per session for the benefit of the clients. Pilates is safe in most of the conditions if supervised by a specialist Pilates trainer.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine and is practiced since 1000 BC. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to maintain the Qi (energy) in the body. Qi is maintained by finding the balance of Yin (calmness) and Yang( aggression) in the body. Traditional Chinese acupuncturist believe that imbalance between Yin and Yang can lead to various ailments which can be controlled by stimulating the acupuncture points. Acupuncture is used as evidence based treatment approach by physiotherapists to treat back and neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries and headaches. The latest research in acupuncture found that acupuncture release neurochemical like serotonin and endorphin which pain relieving hormones. Acupuncture is recommended treatment for low back pain and is evident from NICE guidelines published in May 2009. Our physiotherapists trained in acupuncture are member of AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy) and adhere to their policy and guidelines. AACP grants full membership only after the successful completion of 80 hours training approved by the association. Our Physiotherapists pierce single use sterilized needles into your skin in the various acupuncture points and leave them for up to 30 minutes. Practitioner may twist and tweak the needles to stimulate the points. After one use needles are disposed in a sharp bin which is destroyed by incineration to avoid contamination. We also offer trigger point dry needling technique which is evidence based effective technique to release spasm and tight muscles. Acupuncture is safe when administered by a trained and qualified practitioner. For more information on safety and regulation please click on the link here.

Post Vaser Care

Post Vaser care is extremely important to a speedy recovery and to get the best results from your surgery. It helps in :

  • Reducing swelling
  • Reducing the risk of Seroma formation which may lead to complications.
  • Healing scar tissue
  • Improving the overall condition of the skin including stretch marks and skin tightening.
  • Giving you the best possible outcome of your VASER

We have a 3 pronged approach to Vaser Post Care -

  • Ultrasound Massage - A 3MHz professional grade ultrasound is massaged gently over the areas. Ultrasound is known for its therapeutic properties of improving circulation and repair of tissue. This also helps reduce pain and swelling.
  • MLD Massage - There is a lot of fluid accumulation which shows as swelling. The human body?s lymphatic system is mainly responsible for expelling this from the body. A lymphatic massage assists the natural body to move this quicker by manually stimulating the nodes and helping this process. Marked improvement can be seen in most cases in the reduction of swelling.
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Vaser creates a lot of tissue scaring and this depends on the extent of the Vaser, the deep tissue massage helps break this scar tissue down and also enhance the definition of the Vaser and in creating a smoother looking skin. We also use body oils in this process that assist in skin tightening and removal of stretch marks.

We work closely with your surgeon to tailor our care to your specific needs. Based on our experience and inputs from Vaser surgeons, we would recommend.

  • Normal Vaser - 5-7 Sessions
  • Mid Def - 10 sessions
  • High Def/4D - 15-20 sessions

At Thames River, our trained physiotherapists have extensive experience in post op care for all types of Vaser including Mid Def, High Def and 4D.. We work closely with leading Vaser surgeons in UK to provide after care in the London area. We are proud to be only recognized health care professional providing post vaser care in London.

Sports massage

Sports massage is soft tissue manipulation technique by expert professionals who have better knowledge of human body and biomechanics. Therapists use their hands and elbows to break down the scar tissue, bring more oxygenated blood into your muscles and stretch the connective tissue to give your muscles flexibility and endurance. It helps in relieving tension and alleviating aches and pains in your muscles. Its commonly used on elite and amateur athletes to prevent injuries and help them in recovering after the sports activities. Our sports massage therapists have wide range of experience in treating wide range of conditions in sports professionals . However it's a myth that sports massage is only for the sports professionals. Sports massage can also help relieving tension and rejuvenate you after long stressful day at work. In London most of our clients are corporates, dancers and regular gym goers. Our sports massage therapists uses various techniques including effleurage, kneading, skin rolling and trigger point releases to recuperate your muscles. In conjunction with regular hands on soft tissue manipulation we use biomechanical analysis, kinesiotaping and in certain cases dry needling for the long lasting effect.

For further information to book appointment please call 0207 240 3020 or email info@thamesphysio.co.uk

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At Thames Physio our team are specialists in dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

Back Pain
Back Pain
Any strain or irritation to the ligaments, tendons and nerves surrounding the small vertebras in your lower back can cause a significant amount of back pain.
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We treat both professional and recreational sporting injuries, with the aim of returning you to your sport quickly and efficiently.