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Covent Garden Clinic

Thames River Physiotherapy is delighted to circulate the good news that it has launched a new physiotherapy clinic in Covent Garden. This new setup is a proof of our success and our growth in the field. If you have a busy schedule in IT jobs or are an athlete, you can stop your search at our site. Each physiotherapist in Holborn and its surrounding areas, associated with us, is trained and certified by the highest authority in the domain. Our ace quality offerings to address your pain and aches include an eclectic range of activities like, acupuncture and pilates. We also offer sports massage, post vaser care, manual lymphatic drainage and more.

Regardless of which part of your body is throbbing with pain, we have a solution. Be it shoulder injuries, back and neck pain or ankle sprains, our professionals have the expertise to treat you to relief. We also specialise in correcting sports injuries, shoulder pain, sciatica, knee pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis or any other painful condition.

A Meticulous Treatment Process to Help You Out

Entry at our clinic is smooth and hassle-free. Our staff will welcome you at our secured entrance and all of it will be accomplished just by clicking a buzzer. We make sure that our patients do not feel bored or uneasy while waiting for the physiotherapists to call them. With a gentle waiting area and commodious treatment rooms, we strive to offer you ample privacy and confidentiality.

Ever since our establishment, we have gained tonnes of acclamation and appreciation from our clients, leading to a high customer loyalty. Our Covent Garden physiotherapy clinic is always filled with patients making it imperative for our physiotherapists and sports massage therapists to be available late evenings. To accommodate our huge clientele, we are now open from Monday to Saturday.

You may be rest assured that the quality of treatment has not changed even though we have a new setup. Each of our physiotherapists is handpicked and are HCPC registered, with a membership of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

We Provide an Accessible Location

Away from the bustling crowd, the Physiotherapy clinic in Covent Garden is situated on a quiet street. Standing in the middle of Covent Garden, it is easily accessible by road and railway. You can reach our clinic from the Covent Garden station in just 3 minutes on foot. From Holborn, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court road station we are just 10 minutes on foot. You may be in any part of London, reaching our clinic for a physiotherapy treatment in London is really convenient.

If you are house bound due to excessive pain and stay within 5 miles radius, our physiotherapist in London will reach your home for treating you. Our customised physiotherapist in Covent Garden services are tailored solely to bring peace and sanctity to your mind, as well as, to your body.

Good news for Soho gym members

We will continue to provide service at Soho Gyms at our special rates exclusively for gym members in a spacious treatment room within the gym.

When you have Thames River Physiotherapy by your side, you have no reason to be down by pain and physical agony.

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Our Prices

Physiotherapy consultation and treatment (60 minutes) - £70.00

Physiotherapy treatment (30 minutes) - £50.00

Physiotherapy treatment (45 minutes) – £60.00

Sports Massage/Acupuncture (60 minutes) – £60.00

Sports Massage/Acupuncture (30 minutes) – £40.00

Pilates (1:1) (60 minutes) – £60.00

Pilates (1:1) (30 minutes) – £40.00

Home Visits (60 minutes) – £120.00

Home Visits (30 minutes) – £80.00

Biomechanics and running assessment with corrections – £150.00

DSE/workstation assessment – From £150.00 per person.

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Special Offers 2018

  • Free 15 minutes physiotherapy consultation.
  • 25% off on your first Physiotherapy consultation.
  • 10% off on sports massage and acupuncture.
  • 25% off full time students.
  • 50% off on biomechanics and running assessment.
At Thames Physio our team are specialists in dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

Back Pain
Back Pain
Any strain or irritation to the ligaments, tendons and nerves surrounding the small vertebras in your lower back can cause a significant amount of back pain.
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We treat both professional and recreational sporting injuries, with the aim of returning you to your sport quickly and efficiently.