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Preventing Ski Injuries is Easy for Careful Sportspersons Hurtling down the mountain slope and losing control to hit a tree is an accident you want to avoid at any cost. If you wish to reach home unscathed, follow the tips spoken about in this article, right from an expert’s mouth and make sure that you never have to be scared of the slopes ever in future.

Prepare the mind to focus

How fast to go down, where to jump or land – these are things a skier must calculate carefully and for that, being mentally prepared to assess any difficulty and make the right decision is imperative. Most skiing injuries occur when skiers are not attentive and it does not matter whether they are experienced or beginners, in form or not. You may do warm-up exercises to ensure readiness for both mind and body. This can enable you to get rid of absent mindedness and an impending accident.

Do the right exercise

You should combine weight lifting with squats, soccer and cycling for bringing in flexibility and speed in muscle movement. A fixed gym routine can only make you fit, but it can hardly help in steering clear of mishaps and eventual injuries, as different muscles are in use when you are skiing. While Powder or Mogul skiing demands the movement of your knee, carving down a smooth or groomed run requires the quads to shoot with the knees, brought down to a minimal use, bent and helping your body to move from left to right. You should, therefore, always be conditioned to encounter constant contraction to not allow the quads to get tired in no time.

Go to the right shop for the ideal boots

Are your boots not fitting your feet? Throw them off immediately, as poor fitting can cause foot pain, leading to wrong foot mechanics and poor performance level. Buy a boot which is soft in the front and back plane with sidewise firmness, as this is the perfect combination for starting and ending a carving turn. If you are still sticking to the old pair of stiff boots useful to add pressure to straight long skis for turning, get rid of them as soon as possible. Today’s soft shoes can facilitate easy turning with a gentle knee and ankle movement.

Work on your weight

Before you begin your pre-conditioning classes, check your weight and set a target for optimal weight. Having a single pound of extra weight has a huge force of impact on your knee joints when you are coming off the end of small moguls or landing from a jump. To attain your objective, drink a glass of water every hour to flush out toxin, reduce hunger and keep the body hydrated. You must also put emphasis on consuming lean protein to build muscles, rather than carbohydrates that lead to the deposition of fat. Bringing together the above-mentioned eating and drinking practices with an hour’s exercise, per day, can help to bring your weight down considerably every passing week.

Skiing is one sport in which accidents and injuries simply cannot be ignored if you do not pick up certain habits or adopt certain practices. To ensure a season-long skiing experience, talk to an expert and get ski-ready.

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