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Happy new year ! Preventing Ski Injuries is Easy for Careful Sportspersons Hurtling down the mountain slope and losing control to hit a tree is an accident you want to avoid at any cost. If you wish to reach home unscathed, follow the tips spoken about in this article, right from an expert’s mouth and make […]

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Running in Winter

Follow these 5 Steps to Run Safely During Winter The cold weather can impact your running schedule to a great extent. However, it is one of the best seasons for runners and sprinters. With the roads less crowded and the weather cool, running is a great experience during the winter. Just follow the below-mentioned strategies […]

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Benefits of Pilates in Physiotherapy In the first half of the 20th century a German, Joseph Pilates, the son of a prize-winning gymnast developed a system of exercises – which he called “Contrology”. They were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Adept at both Eastern and Western forms of exercises, including yoga, Joseph […]

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Working in Tandem: Benefits of Ergonomics and Physiotherapy Ergonomics is defined as the application of physical sciences including physiology, anatomy and kinesiology; along with social sciences such as psychology, to elements of product design and efficient work process. Who can be Affected? Employees from the IT industry and factory workers are prone to suffer musculoskeletal […]

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Football injuries Euro 16 

Common Football Injuries: Groin and Hamstring StrainsGoing into Euro 2016, The Guardian newspaper described Coach Roy Hodgson’s England team as a “slick outfit”. In order to maintain that positive assessment, the onus is on the players to guard against injuries, both on and off the field. When a game is underway, a plethora of injury […]

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Acupuncture: The Multi-Faceted Pain RelieverApproved by the NHS and recognised as a viable treatment method by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) in the UK, Acupuncture is widely accepted as an intrinsic wing of physiotherapy, because it constitutes a potent approach to pain management. But, acupuncture works best in conjunction with physiotherapy treatments such as […]

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Physiotherapy, a boon for ParalympicsThe brainchild of the “father of sports for people with a disability”, Sir. Ludwig Guttman, the Paralympics are a major international multi-sport event, involving athletes with a range of physical disabilities. The Winter and Summer Paralympic Games are conducted immediately after the scheduled Olympic Games. According to the International Paralympic Committee […]

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Go for glory#rioolympics2016#physiotherapy 

Importance of Physiotherapy in OlympicsThe Olympic Games are the premier sporting event in the international arena. We are poised to witness another edition in a few months’ time. Thousands of sportspersons participate in a variety of disciplines with great vigour and determination. But in the run up to winning laurels for one’s country, maintenance of […]

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Role of Physiotherapy Part 1 

Role of Physiotherapy in Treating Common Injuries (Part 1) In this, the first of a two-part series, we’ll explore the importance of physiotherapy in treating common injuries. Most people associate physiotherapy with a body massage to cure aches and pains in joints. The truth is quite the contrary, for the discipline is multi-dimensional, by virtue […]

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Combating rugby injuries with physiotherapy

When it comes to macho sports, rugby definitely tops the list. Due to the nature of the game ― fast-paced and adrenalin pumping as it is, rugby players are prone to injuries of various kinds. It is estimated that one in four rugby players are susceptible to injury in every playing season. A more revealing […]

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