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Covent Garden
Physiotherapy consultation and treatment 60 mins £70.00
Physiotherapy treatment 30 mins £50.00
Physiotherapy treatment 45 mins £60.00
Sports Massage/Acupuncture 60 mins £60.00
Sports Massage/Acupuncture 30 mins £40.00
Pilates (1:1) 60 mins £60.00
Pilates (1:1) 30 mins £40.00
Home Visits 60 mins £120.00
Home Visits 30 mins £80.00
Biomechanics and running assessment with corrections Per Person £150.00
DSE/workstation assessment Per Person £150.00
Northwood clinics
Physiotherapy Initial consultation and treatment 60 mins £50.00
Physiotherapy Follow up appointment 30 mins £40.00
Acupuncture 60 mins £50.00
Home Visit 60 mins £90.00
Home Visit 30 mins £60.00
DSE/workstation assessment Per Person £150.00

We are insured with all the major insurance companies and are preferred providers of AXA, BUPA and PRU health.

We accept all major credit and Debit cards.

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Special Offers 2018

  • Free 15 minutes physiotherapy consultation.
  • 25% off on your first Physiotherapy consultation.
  • 10% off on sports massage and acupuncture.
  • 25% off full time students.
  • 50% off on biomechanics and running assessment.
At Thames Physio our team are specialists in dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

Back Pain
Back Pain
Any strain or irritation to the ligaments, tendons and nerves surrounding the small vertebras in your lower back can cause a significant amount of back pain.
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We treat both professional and recreational sporting injuries, with the aim of returning you to your sport quickly and efficiently.