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Our Goal

Our goal is not just to treat you but to provide you with the skills to prevent further recurrence of injuries improving your health and quality of life.

Why us?

Most of our patients achieve more than 50% recovery in their first treatment.

We aim to achieve maximum recovery in minimum time however we make sure that you don't feel rushed and have pleasant experience in your Journey at Thames River Physiotherapy.

We use hands on approach in conjunction with customised exercise regime to accelerate your recovery

We are constantly thriving for clinical excellence.

Our Team

Ravi Shanker, Lead Physiotherapist

Ravi ShankerRavi Shanker has been a qualified physiotherapist for nearly a decade, amassing extensive experience in physiotherapy in NHS, Army Primary Health Care and private sector. Ravi has worked as a highly specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist at BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital in London where he has worked closely with London's most renowned orthopaedic consultants. Ravi has also worked as a pitch side physiotherapist for London's elite sports clubs.

Ravi is committed to continuing his professional development to provide most up to date and evidence based treatment techniques. He has successfully completed his Masters Degree in physiotherapy in 2007 from Sheffield Hallam University and then completed his Diploma in orthopaedic medicine from Middlesex University in 2009.

Ravi has strong hands on approach and provides wide range of patient specific treatment regime including manual therapy, muscle energy technique, myofacial release, and acupuncture. Ravi has got special interest in treating back pain and shoulder injuries.

Matthew Sellar - Senior Physiotherapist

Matthew SellarAfter gaining a first class honours degree in physiotherapy, Matthew went on to treat a wide range of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal patients of all ages within NHS hospitals before going on to pursue his passion for sports rehabilitation.

As a sports physiotherapist he's helped elite athletes - including many professional footballers - recover speedily from injuries, fractures, sprains, muscle strains and nerve damage. He has also safely guided clients who wish to return to sports, running, and competitive marathons after a long period of inactivity.

Matthew incorporates a variety of techniques including those used within sports and holistic massage, sports taping and exercise management to reduce pain, optimise movement, widen range of motion, strengthen muscles and decrease risk of re-injury.

Matthew pursues his interest in health by attending the gym, running fitness classes, and playing 5-a-side football.

Giulia Preato - Physiotherapist

Giulia PreatoGiulia graduated with honours degree in physiotherapy at Universita Degli Studies Di Verona, Italy in 2014. She has accumulated comprehensive experience in various physiotherapy settings including Orthopedic, neurological, sports injuries and musculoskeletal rehabilitation in last 4 years. She has been continuously involved in learning new skills like Dry needling, Fascial manipulation, Pompages technique and mulligan joint mobilisation techniques to augment her treatment techniques.

She has special interest in treating spinal injuries including neck and back pain. She uses combined approach of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to obtain an optimal recovery and prevent further injuries. She developed a strong passion for posture therefore, she specialised in Mezières-method, based on the importance and combination of awareness of the asymmetries and auto-correction, breathing and posterior chain stretching. She believes in a combination of postural re-education and core stability.

Harpal Bansal Senior Physiotherapist

Harpal BansalHarpal trained to be a Physiotherapist at Brunel University, graduating with an Honours Degree in 2012, she started her professional career working at the Ealing NHS trust within the Community Physiotherapy team where she worked within a multidisciplinary team to provide service users with clinically effective care which included assessing, treating as well as providing advice to alleviate pain, maximise function and promote self-management.

In early 2013, she established herself as an independent private Physiotherapist and worked in a variety of settings including a BUPA nursing home in Elstree and also a private Physiotherapy centre in Harrow. Her main clinical interests are all musculoskeletal and neurological conditions with preference for sports medicine. In treating patients she uses a variety of techniques from joint manipulation and mobilisation to soft tissue massage and pressure points. She adapts a holistic approach and combines manual therapy with an individualised exercise plan, designed to specifically prevent re-occurrence of injury. Harpal is constantly updating her skills and has attended numerous courses to ensure she delivers the very best service to her patients.

Harpal has a keen interest in sports medicine and enjoys watching and playing cricket. She has also worked closely with the support team at Middlesex County Cricket Club to enhance her skills as well as learn how players and medical professionals work closely to achieve a balance between injury management and the demands of the game.

Emil Vincenzi – Sports massage therapist

Emil VincenziEmil is a professional Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist who delivers a very professional and Holistic deep tissue massage combined with myofascial release techniques to achieve an optimal state of relaxation in the soft tissue. 
Emil is very passionate with sports and gym training and will provide the ideal treatment to promote your muscle growth and recovery, reducing the risk of injuries.
Emil's massage will also release the tension that inevitably builds up through sedentary lifestyle and work and to alleviate the aches and pains caused by bad posture habits.
Emil is qualified in Sports Massage (level 3) and in Clinical and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy (level 5).

He is also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

Yasha Rai, Practice Manager

Yasha RaiSince graduating as a qualified physiotherapist in 2002 Yasha Rai has gained vast experience in leading hospitals within NHS and in private sector.

She is currently working as a professional lead therapist at West Hertfordshire NHS trust where she enjoys her role as a physiotherapist and managing a team of health professionals. She also works as a bank physiotherapist for a private hospital in London where she treats wide variety of post-surgical orthopaedic and spinal patients.

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At Thames Physio our team are specialists in dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

Back Pain
Back Pain
Any strain or irritation to the ligaments, tendons and nerves surrounding the small vertebras in your lower back can cause a significant amount of back pain.
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We treat both professional and recreational sporting injuries, with the aim of returning you to your sport quickly and efficiently.